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Call of Naughts: Advanced Crossware is a Violently hardcore Tic Tac Toe Game made in unreal engine 4 with two war teams, guns, explosions and screams to make an epically fun but also thought provoking experience about violence in video games and how they affect our youth. This game has a satirical background, not making fun of violent war games but how the media portrays violent games and how they influence crime, so I made this game along with help from my colleague 'Rachael Nieuwenhuis' (who created the artwork) to make a statement about mediated violence in games and even thought this game portrays violence and even congratulates it there is no way this game will brainwash our youths to become more violent.

Install instructions

Download the zipped folder. Unzip the folder and you will find 4 Items inside it. To play the Game just launch the Unreal Engine 4 application called "Launch This" you don't have to worry about the other folders.


Call of Naughts Advanced Crossware.zip 160 MB

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